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MEITO x Megurine Luki~ ♥
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Gallery Contents:
Literature; Both original works and fanfictions. I do have a few poems as well, but I quite rarely write them.
MikuMikuDance; This referring to any pictures that I make with the program MikuMikuDance.
PMD Editor; Connected to MikuMikuDance. This generally refers to tutorials for the program PMD Editor, as well as the (very rare) work in progress pictures.
Drawings; I never, and I mean never draw. At least, not regularly. I haven't submitted a drawing in probably a good year or so, but there are a few in here.
Other; Referring to random things, such as memes, or anything that does not fit into the above categories.

My MikuMikuDance and literature more often than not contain yaoi/shounen-ai and yuri/shoujo-ai. This is a fair warning; if you look at my gallery, you're probably going to come across some homosexuality. I place this warning because I have no wish to offend those who do not like it, nor do I want others to offend me for liking it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my gallery, as it is there for that purpose ♥



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What the hell happened to the journal entry page? Was it the StashWriter thing the last time I posted a journal? I don't think it was. Jeez, I hate stash. Or Blah.

Okay. So. Uh. I'm thinking of leaving deviantART. For the simple reason that I'm pretty much inactive anyway, so why not make it official? I wouldn't de-activate my account or anything, and I'd probably check back now and then to respond to messages, to friends who I have no other means of communicating with (which isn't a thing that's happening tonight, I'm so sorry, I'm don't feel like socialising right now), but I don't think I'm going to be posting anything anymore. Sorry. It takes more effort than I'm willing to exert to post literature (having to go back and edit html things (which is an extra pain on longer pieces), unless I use stash which I'm not willing to do either because, as stated above, I really fucking hate stash (I wouldn't be surprised if it relaced the former way of submitting literature tbh. Unless it already has. Who knows? Obviously not me.)) So. Yeah. Uh. Obviously I'm still going to be doing fanfiction and stuff. On Archive of Our Own and tumblr and Just. Not here. Sorry. .n.; 

I really appreciate everyone who's followed me, and all the lovely friends I've made (and will try not to lose contact with even tho i've been shit at that the past half year i'm so sorry), and I'm kinda sorry that I'm kinda-sorta-leaving, but yeah.


Okay. So. Yeah. Just felt like I should let you all know. That I'm making my already active inactivity official. So. Yeah. Uh. I'll try to work up the motivation to respond to messages soon (that makes it sound like it's such a difficult thing to do it's not i enjoy talking to you guys i don't know why i put it off sorry), but I guess until then this is bye bye. Unless you message me on a site I'm active on in which case I'll more likely than not reply because I'm dumb and intimidated by the amount of messages I have here. Okay. I should go sleep now, so bye.
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