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MEITO x Megurine Luki~ ♥
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Bubble Bath
"Do you know what one of the best things the humans have is?" You glance over the top of your computer to look at Terezi, frowning slightly at the grin on her face. It's a grin that has a tendency to strike a little bit of fear in you, because the meaning behind it could range from something perfectly innocent to something terribly dangerous. You've learned not to trust that grin.  
You will never understand her fascination with the humans, or really any of your fellow trolls' fascination with them, for that matter. They seem boring to you, but whatever passes the time quickest, you guess. You're not about to tell them how to waste their lives away. Primarily because you don't really care either way, but the likelihood of them listening to you even if you did is pretty slim, so you see no reason why you should bother. You tap your fingers against the desk, waiting for Terezi to continue, although she does nothing to really answer her own question when she does. Not for you, at lea
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You're not entirely sure why, but right now you are soaked to the bone, lying on your back on what you're assuming is sand, with a frantic seadweller leaning over you. At least, you think they're a seadweller. Yes, they are definitely a seadweller; they have the cute little fins on either side of their head, there is no doubt in your mind they are a seadweller.
Whoever the seadweller is looks really concerned, and you're pretty sure they're saying something, but you're a little out of it and it takes you a moment to clear your head enough to pay attention. When you do you recognise the troll above you immediately, and can't help grinning a little. For some reason your arm feels really heavy - scratch that, your everything feels heavy - so you can't really wave at him like you were intending, which kind of sucks because now you have to interrupt whatever he's going on about, but whatever, you haven't been listening anyway.
"Hey Eribro."
"Gam! Fuck, I thought you were <
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Cape Cuddles and Broken Scarves
"It's all his fuckin' fault."
You're not really sure if Kanaya is even listening to you at this point - considering the amount of times you've complained about Sollux and his overbearing douchey-ness, you can't really blame her if she's not - but then, most of her attention seems to be focused on the scarf your on-and-off kismesis so rudely ripped in near half, so you're not about to complain if she isn't. You're still going to bitch about the prick, though; even if she isn't listening, it'll let you burn off some much-needed steam all the same.
"He's an asshole. He's not even an attractive asshole." Lies; he's one of the most attractive assholes you know, but you're not about to admit that to anyone. You're sure Kanaya knows otherwise, anyway. "He should be grateful I've ever even considered bein' in any of his fuckin' quadrants." Kanaya scoffs quietly from her place between your legs, her not-so-subtle way of letting you know that you must be delusio
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No Need To Worry
A soft sigh escapes Chiara's lips, quiet and content as she presses a gentle kiss to the bare back before her, arm resting lightly over a waist far paler than her own in a soft embrace. The woman before her seems just as content as she is, her breathing slow and relaxed, almost as though she were sleeping. For all Chiara knew she could be; the Italian was certainly ready to drift off to dreamland herself. But the evening sun, despite having fallen behind a far-off hill, out of sight, still sheds a soft light into their room through open curtains in a way that compliments her French lover so nicely Chiara can't help but admire her; her soft, smooth, flawless skin, and the golden hair that was currently swept over her shoulder. Beautiful blue eyes that were likely shut in rest at the moment, and lovely full lips that often held  a playful smirk, or kind smile.
Everything about Françoise, from her physical beauty to her kind, generous, fun-loving personality was perfect, and n
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"You know, this is quite nice."
A small smile flickers briefly on Taito's lips as he nods in agreement, fingers combing through Dell's hair while he watches the elder man's expression from where he sits behind him, the Voyakiloid's head in his lap. Dell is silent for a moment following his statement as he stares up at sky, brow furrowing slightly in thought before he speaks up again.
"We've never done anything like this before."
"We've never stargazed before. Or watched a sunset, or rise, or anything like that. Aren't couples supposed to do things like that?" Taito blinks, slowly, as he thinks over the question, eventually offering a small shrug as his answer, because he honestly has no idea what couples are 'supposed' to do, before listening quietly as Dell continues musing. "I can't remember when we had our last date, now that I think about it. Or what we even did, for that matter. I think that's bad. Is it bad?" Crimson eyes flick from the sky above
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Chasing Memories
'You have reached Ivan Braginsky's voicemail. Please leave a message after the beep.'
The beep following the words Gilbert had once found endearing when said in that lovely Russian accent is almost enough to make him cringe - just how many times has he heard them in the last couple hours, anyway? He's lost count - and for a moment he considers just hanging up. He's started to hate leaving messages. Has started to hate speaking to a machine, knowing that he's not going to hear Ivan's voice until the Russian gets around to calling him back. It's a hate he's only recently developed today, a hate that's the result of every single one of his countless calls going straight to that fucking recording. There are no words to properly describe just how much he hates it. He forces himself to try and forget that for the moment, though, and quickly leaves yet another message.
"Hey, Ivan, it's me. You must be busy, huh? Totally understandable, I guess. Your family's probably keeping y
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MS Word Help by Free-Beloved-Army MS Word Help :iconfree-beloved-army:Free-Beloved-Army 0 2
Merry Christmas
"Hey, Mummy..."
"It's Christmas Eve, you know? You shouldn't really be working on the holidays."
"Mm." Tamaki's brow furrowed slightly at the lack of attention Kyouya was giving him, sitting up from where he was lying beside his classmate so he could look over the other male's shoulder at what he was doing.
"What are you working on?"
"Calculations for your club." The blonde pouted slightly at the indifference Kyouya treated him with, his chin resting on the slighter boy's shoulder as he sighed, prepared to start whining at any given moment.
"Do you have to do it now? I thought you were done all club-related work, what happened?"
"I am done. I might have missed something though, as someone was rushing me to finish." Tamaki cringed slightly at the accusing tone his partner's took up, smiling guiltily in response. The smile quickly faded back to a pout when Kyouya continued to ignore him, and he finally whined softly, wrapping his arms around the dark-haired boy in a one-s
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Come Home Soon
"Did you mean it?"
"Did I mean what, love?"
"When you said you weren't going to die?"
A long, tense silence follows the question as Arthur looks over at his brother carefully, brows furrowing slightly as he quickly ponders where on earth the question had come from. It must be the result of his sibling's silence for the past ten minutes, assuming the younger had been thinking during that time and not merely been half-asleep, although what may have planted a seed of doubt in the child's mind currently eludes Arthur. He analyses Peter's face carefully, although his expression is rather difficult to read at present; he doesn't look sad, despite his enquiry, but he still seems void of any of the positive energy he usually radiates so much. There's a small glimmer of curiosity in his eyes, if anything, and Arthur wonders how long it will remain there, depending on his response. The answer to the question isn't something the elder Kirkland particularly wants to give, and is uncertain of himse
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Fred and Poppy by Free-Beloved-Army Fred and Poppy :iconfree-beloved-army:Free-Beloved-Army 15 360 Poppy by Free-Beloved-Army Poppy :iconfree-beloved-army:Free-Beloved-Army 8 16
Petty Arguments
"Would you stop doing that already?!"
Crimson eyes glanced away from the laptop screen before them for a moment to stare into furious violet eyes over his shoulder, a brow rising slightly as pale fingers removed the newly lit cigarette from the albino's mouth, holding it carefully over the ashtray as he turned ever so slightly to address his companion.
"Would I stop doing what already?"
"That! Smoking! It's horrible!"
A soft sigh, loud enough for the young man sitting on the bed behind him to hear, escaped the elder of the pair as he turned back to his laptop, brushing the other's comment off quickly with a slight shrug of his shoulders before balancing the cigarette between his lips once again while he typed. He'd lost count how many times he'd listened to this very complaint now – over time he'd figured it was best to just let his young partner whine and bitch until the purple haired male got so fed up with him that he'd storm out. Sure, Dell might be ignored for a couple of hou
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MMD: My Lady by Free-Beloved-Army MMD: My Lady :iconfree-beloved-army:Free-Beloved-Army 47 67 MMD: Arthur and Alice (x2) by Free-Beloved-Army MMD: Arthur and Alice (x2) :iconfree-beloved-army:Free-Beloved-Army 148 81 MMD: Itacest - Siesta by Free-Beloved-Army MMD: Itacest - Siesta :iconfree-beloved-army:Free-Beloved-Army 154 26 MMD: Bad Touch Trio - Napping by Free-Beloved-Army MMD: Bad Touch Trio - Napping :iconfree-beloved-army:Free-Beloved-Army 96 117
Gallery Contents:
Literature; Both original works and fanfictions. I do have a few poems as well, but I quite rarely write them.
MikuMikuDance; This referring to any pictures that I make with the program MikuMikuDance.
PMD Editor; Connected to MikuMikuDance. This generally refers to tutorials for the program PMD Editor, as well as the (very rare) work in progress pictures.
Drawings; I never, and I mean never draw. At least, not regularly. I haven't submitted a drawing in probably a good year or so, but there are a few in here.
Other; Referring to random things, such as memes, or anything that does not fit into the above categories.

My MikuMikuDance and literature more often than not contain yaoi/shounen-ai and yuri/shoujo-ai. This is a fair warning; if you look at my gallery, you're probably going to come across some homosexuality. I place this warning because I have no wish to offend those who do not like it, nor do I want others to offend me for liking it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my gallery, as it is there for that purpose ♥


Mine [Pose Reference for Drawing] by SenshiStock Mine [Pose Reference for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 842 50 Forrest Doodle by Universedom Forrest Doodle :iconuniversedom:Universedom 6 1 Charlotte Doodle by Universedom Charlotte Doodle :iconuniversedom:Universedom 5 2 Felicia Doodle by Universedom Felicia Doodle :iconuniversedom:Universedom 2 2
List of VOCALOID Genderbend names
As pitched from fandom.... 
Spicy ANDY (Sweet ANN)
Hatsune Mikuo (Miku)
Kagamine Rinto (Rin)
Kagamine Lenka (Len)
- (Prima)
Kamui Gakuko (Gakupo)
Megurine Luki/Luke (Luka, I prefer Luki)
GUMO/GUMIYA (GUMI, I like both)
SF-A2 mikio/mikiya/mio (miki)
Kaai Yuuki/Yuko (Yuki)
Hiyama Kiyomi (Kiyoteru)
Tonia (Tonio)
Lii/Li/Lilio/Lio (Lily)
VY1 (well, VY1 is unisex but used for feminine)
- (Ryuto)
Nekomura Iroki/Hoheto (Iroha, I prefer Iroki)
Utatane Pika (Piko)
VY2 (VY2 is unisex used for masculine...)
- (Mew)
USee/SeeWoo/SeeMi (SeeU, I prefer USee)
Tone Ron (Rion)
Yuzuki Yukashi (Yukari)
- (Bruno)
Carlos (Clara)
Aoi Lapis (Aoki Lapis)
Luo Tianer (Tianyi, I just found this today <3)
galacto/galato (galaco)
- (YUU)
- (KYO)
- (WIL)
Yan Zhi (Yan He, found today~ <3)
:iconmisteryeevee:MisteryEevee 13 4
GUMO x Rinto x Mikuo by arelionXD GUMO x Rinto x Mikuo :iconarelionxd:arelionXD 46 16 Rinto x GUMO by arelionXD Rinto x GUMO :iconarelionxd:arelionXD 38 5 kagamine rinto's Gemini maid by WhiteRiceBear kagamine rinto's Gemini maid :iconwhitericebear:WhiteRiceBear 288 5 cryptonites by Jjinomu cryptonites :iconjjinomu:Jjinomu 267 97 DL: Tda Kagamine V4x [updated] by Jjinomu DL: Tda Kagamine V4x [updated] :iconjjinomu:Jjinomu 783 52 Summer Love by KeiTanaka Summer Love :iconkeitanaka:KeiTanaka 18 2 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL DL: Dark Woods Circus by Jjinomu HALLOWEEN SPECIAL DL: Dark Woods Circus :iconjjinomu:Jjinomu 1,061 532 Dell x Taito by Dead-Button Dell x Taito :icondead-button:Dead-Button 2 0 DL: 7 Deadly Sins ft. Len by Jjinomu DL: 7 Deadly Sins ft. Len :iconjjinomu:Jjinomu 1,253 575 MMD Tutorial - VMD Spectrum Basics by Trackdancer MMD Tutorial - VMD Spectrum Basics :icontrackdancer:Trackdancer 308 135


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